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We take care of your property properly, and don’t take your casualty casually.  M & E service in Singapore

M & E Maintenance also covers scheduled services such as air conditioner servicing, which is typically carried out every 6 months, depending on the facility.

Any property requires inspections and maintenance on a regular basis to keep it operating efficiently and smoothly. It is always recommended to have full-time, onsite M & E Technicians for any property with a high volume of users, such as schools, hospitals, condominiums, shopping malls, office buildings etc. Smaller establishments without the critical need for high frequency maintenance may opt for scheduled maintenance as and when issues arise.


Builwork Singapore is providing equipment maintenance and installation:

  • Fire protection equipment including fire extinguishers, fire extinguishers, CO2 cylinders

  • Elevator system

  • Air conditioning system

  • Industrial and civil electricity systems

  • Water supply and drainage system

On Site M & E

Specialist & Scheduled M & E : 

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • Mechanical

  • General handy-work & repairs

  • Lighting

  • Swimming pool servicing

  • Hardware maintenance

  • Elevator Maintenance

  • Machinery & Equipment Maintenance

  • Air conditioner Servicing

Builwork is a  Japanese, world-class property management and building maintenance company, with its head office located in Sendai, Japan, and operations concentrated in Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore, and is expanding into Malaysia and Indonesia in 2019.

Singapore Office:

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